Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC)
The CREC began in 1997. Since then, the Communion has grown significantly as new member churches have been received. The CREC was established in recognition of the accountability that exists between faithful churches and provides a means of convening to discussissues which may be broader than a single local church. The CREC provides a way for a single church to seek the counsel or wisdom of the broader church and facilitates fellowship among the saints. It also provides a vehicle for foreign missions and evangelism.

Our gathering of churches is not intended as a separation from other orthodox believers who confess the name of Christ, but rather as a gathering within that broader church, that we might work together effectively for the reformation of the church and the redemption of the world.

Tyndale Presbytery:
At the 2008 meeting of Council, five new presbyteries were created in addition to the already existing Augustine and Anselm Presbyteries. Currently, the CREC consists of seven presbyteries across America. They are: Anselm, Athanasius, Augustine, Calvin, Knox, Tyndale, and Wycliffe Presbyteries. Our church, Christ Covenant Church of Chicago, is a member of the Tyndale Presbytery of the CREC

Other churches in Tyndale Presbytery:
Cornerstone Reformed Church, Carbondale, IL
Trinity Evangelical Church, Syracuse, IN
Christ the Redeemer Church, Pella, IA
Trinity Covenant Church, Wichita, KS
Christ Church of Livingston County, Howell, MI
Christ the King Church, Ferry, MI
Providence Church, Caro, MI
Christ Church-Twin Cities, Minnetonka, MN
Christ the King Church, Springfield, MO
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Tyumen, RUSSIA

Foreign Missions and Churches:
CREC-Europe – Spreading covenantal patterns across the old continent

CREC Japan
Mitaka Evangelical Church, Tokyo, Japan
Covenant Worldview Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Slavic Reformation Society